Wednesday, 1 December 2010



Hermes said...

Works really well - it has such depth.

Rita said...

Being a Midwesterner I love the beach no matter how gray the day.

heph said...

Nice photo.
I love the beach also but prefer sunny days :)

Luis Gomez said...


easygardener said...

The seagull is a bit of a diva - up rather than outwards.
BTW - my rockery plants are tough, many are sempervivums which look desert-like but survive without any problem...aargh..touch wood!

Chuck said...

Makes me think of Phil Collins song, Home By The Sea. Very nice shot.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Hermes. With the tide out, the view seems to go on for ever - yet the distance between here and the horizon is no different from when the tide is in. Strange, that.

Rita - I'm glad you love the beach. I'm never certain whether people who live far from the sea will like it or be daunted by it. I know I could not be happy far from the coast. I would feel claustrophobic and hemmed in and frightened - which is completely daft because I'm not a sailor and don't go out onto it much. Peculiar how we humans respond to our settings.

Heph - I don't take heat very well. Nor do I like crowds so I don't find sunny days on this beach fun. In the summer it is crammed full with holiday makers and the air smells not of the sea but of sun-cream so I find bleak days like this attractive. However, this was a bit cold even for me. On my other blog (Loose and Leafy)you can see photos of the icicles I passed on my way to take this picture.

Glad you like the winter beach, Luis.

Hello Easygardener. Good luck with your sempervivums. This winter is a bit different from the ones we are used to!

Hello Chuck. I don't know the song 'Home by the Sea' but I like Phil Collins so I will listen out for it.