Wednesday, 30 March 2011



Hermes said...

Probably the local Post Office (joke). Very good view.

RuneE said...

Nature is reclaiming its own. Ruins make for great subjects, though.

easygardener said...

Very desolate.
I always find that when an area is cleared and then built on I forget what the original building looked like. Lucky that photos can act as a reminder.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hermes - mentioning the closure of Post Offices means I have to resist the temptation of meandering into a rant that has nothing to do with photography. (Unless, perhaps there should be a special project for photographing libraries, theatres . . . .)

However, un-knowingly, you have touched close to the truth here. The empty car-parking spaces at the front are of a brand new supermarket. It's a pleasant building with lots of nice things to buy in it and helpful staff - but . . . I'm expecting it to kill off all the little shops nearby - electricals, wool, stationery, even a proper butchers. To me, this picture is a prophecy of what may now happen to the life of this small town.

Hello Rune. I don't think nature will be in charge of this ruin for much longer. There's lots of building work going on nearby. I wish I had found it earlier so I could have watched its history. The ironic thing is, I would have never have walked down that road if it weren't for that big new shop!

Hello Easygardener - this ruin manages to be desolate and grand all at the same time. It must have been massive when it was whole. It's not the only end wall either. (Though given the heavy machinery nearby . . . )