Thursday, 14 April 2011


Most photos on this blog are taken in South Dorset. The latest Loose and Leafy post is about Weymouth - the largest town in the area.


Anonymous said...

I have been to Dorset a few times and I want to go back - I think its seaside towns are so English and unspoilt by tourism as other places have been.

RuneE said...

It must obviously be visited - I highly enjoy sites like this.

Hermes said...

That sailing ship - just love it.

magiceye said...

this is lovely!

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Kitty. Weymouth is unusually 'unspoilt' - still has donkey rides and Punch and Judy on the beach!

Hello Rune and Magiceye, Dorset as a whole is lovely - and surprisingly unknown, even in England.

Hermes - the sailing ship is fantastic, isn't it? Among these kind of ships, there are possibilities for people with and without disabilities (including people in wheelchairs) to become the crew.