Monday, 18 April 2011



chasity said...

great view indeed.
i like how the back lighting makes every little hair stand out.

Luis Gomez said...


Hermes said...

I liked the light and the hairs too. Botanically its a fine example of a whorl.

RuneE said...

With this kind of lighting it is NOT neglected.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Chasity. It is only since I have been taking close-ups of plants that I have come to realise how very hairy most of them are!

Thanks Luis.

Hermes - perhaps I should have called the picture 'Whorl' instead of 'Neglected Middle'. It's rather a good word.

Hello Rune. If only this plant could know there was one moment when anyone who wished could look, see and admire! It will have grown in the few days since I took its picture and I doubt I would be able to pick the same one out again in the undergrowth.


Mag said...

How that beautiful light reveals such an interesting stem! I've never noticed that before so I will investigate further.