Thursday, 7 June 2012



This is one of the photos for a post on my other blog, Loose and Leafy


Chuck said...

I honestly don't know what to make of this Lucy. Real...not real...stuffed...great shot!

Lucy said...

Hi Chuck - real life! Swan standing still. Take a look at the coot's feet that I took at the same time - they're even weirder (and just as alive!).

Gaz said...

I love this Lucy! How close did you get to him/her to get the photo?

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Hi Gaz - about four feet away. It's odd - none of the birds took any notice of me. I think it was because I was on a path just above them. Further along, where birds and humans are on a level, the swans beg for food. They come quite close there if you let them (and even if you'd rather they didn't at times!)but they don't stand so still . . . and I am a bit wary of them. They are big! And the gulls are usually very keen to see what they can get from humans too but they took no more notice than the swan. I'll have to check this out - is it something to do with their eyesight, or is it to do with where they expect us to be?

Did you see a programme on the television recently about swimming with crocodiles? They found crocodiles which attack humans (more or less anything) if they are above them, ignored people swimming along the river bed. Maybe it's something on a par?

RuneE said...

A swan with a frog-man's feet?

Rita said...

I checked out your other blog. All the feet are amazing. I have never seen feet in these colors before.

I visit a large lake in a park here and there are water fowl galore but I don't recall ever seeing any that are blue. Or scalloped like on the other post.

wonderful captures. You certainly have an eye for the surper shots.

magiceye said...

superbly captured!! marvelous!!