Friday, 7 September 2012


Broom and other worker's implements on a lorry - bright colours
Broom and other workers' implements on back of lorry - black and white
Broom and other workers' implements on back of lorry - black and white - greater contrast
A frustrating post this - the difference between the black and white photographs is striking when opened from the pictures but, once uploaded, the contrast fades. Your computer screen is likely to have an influence so, if too many people say they can't tell the difference, I'll either exaggerate the effect for the blog or remove the second one.

Weekend in Black and White


Carver said...

I like this in black and white and in color. Great subject for photography.

HansHB said...

B&W is best for this post!

temporal rooms said...

i love them all!


Maboe said...

I like them all!

Genie said...

I like them all, but this time I have to go with the colorful one being I am a teacher and it looks like what would be in a happy classroom. genie

NatureFootstep said...

there is a difference between the two bw images. The one called Nightmare has less contrasts in the sky. But... to be called Nightmare it should have been much darker I think. :)

Leovi said...

Good composition, I like. Really exquisite. Greetings.

Monica said...

Great shot,- and like all the versions!

Mariane said...

The photos are superb done - both for colour and B&W - it is a bit easier to make more contrasts in B&W I think - Splendid!!

My contribution is here:

Dragonstar said...

I like the second black and white photo better, though I can't put my finger on the reason.

Rita said...

I learned today just how different monitors can be when hubby opened my blog on his and the colors did not match what was on my screen. Gave me pause because I had not considered that others were not seeing my post as I intended based on my own monitor.

On my screen I would tell no difference between the last two shots. I did however find the first rather interesting. Lots of rusty reds and all that orange.