Thursday, 2 May 2013


Leaf buds of sycamore tree against blue sky. © Lucy Corrander

Twigs and swelling leaf buds.


Toffeeapple said...

I'm still waiting for my Ash leaves to sprout, even the flowers took forever to appear this year.

Chuck said...

A-Z is over so I am back!! Looks like spring is coming in that photo. On a side note, after a week in the is now down in the 40's here in Dallas. How crazy is that??

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Hello Toffeeapple. I'm looking forward to the Ash leaves arriving. The flowers are not so attractive.

Hi, Chuck. Good to hear from you. I expect you feel a great sense of satisfaction that you have finished the challenge. I'm finding it difficult to meet the challenge of posting daily here at present. Not a failure of enthusiasm but the grindingness of low light doesn't make for a cheerful blog. We've had two days of sunshine - and now it's raining again!

Pat Tillett said...

Budding and ready to burst!