Monday, 16 September 2013


Merely confirming my continued existence!

Will return to daily postings in October.

Meanwhile . . . here's a dead leaf!

Dead Fatsia leaf on paving stones by pallet. September 14th 2013

Fatsia leaf with willow herb seedlings.


Tim Havenith said...

Glad that you're continually existing. Looking forward to October :)

squirrelbasket said...

Great to have you back! And I think this leaf confirms my belief in the "eightness" of spiders. My first thought was "spider", even before I properly counted the lobes of the leaf. We seem to have an inbuilt way of identifying spiders by the number of legs, I think. Does that make ANY sense to you at all?
Best wishes - keep up the good work :)

Sophiawriting said...

The juxtaposition of the dead leaf & living willow herb so perfectly represents the pattern of 'life'.

Toffeeapple said...

Good to know you are still around!