Sunday, 3 August 2014


Heart shapted, dilapidated convolvulus leaves with holes, one green, one yellow



Taken For Granted said...

Many of these plants are considered weeds, except the morning glory. Bindweed is difficult to eradicate and can quickly dominate a cultivated area. This particular plant doesn't look healthy.

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Hello Taken for Granted. In some places round here bindweed obscures the hedges or fences beneath it. None the less, I always love the beautiful, white, trumpet flowers it produces.

These leaves are very tatty. That's why I chose them to photograph. Most convolvulus leaves are beautiful. However, the weather has been erratic and odd recently; mostly it's very, very hot (for here) and dry. Then, all of a sudden, when the plants are weak and thirsty, an occasional burst of very, very heavy rain - which batters them down. Some are getting rather stressed! If bindweed gets stressed, you can guess some of the others are struggling too!