Saturday, 30 May 2015


Plant on top of wall with gull flying beyond.

This photograph was taken 16th May 2015
For the same plant as it was on
17th December 2014
2nd November 2014


Anonymous said...

And photobombed by a gull!
These street plants are so tenacious.
I have been paying special attention recently and photographing the dandelion lookalikes such as this one. Hoping I may be able to identify a few! Can't all be sow thistle, surely?
Loving your work :)

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Hi Pat. The same thought has struck me - that once I'd identified a sow thistle via iSpot I keep coming across them. They even turn up in photos of other things / plants / scenes. How can I never have noticed them before yet they are everywhere? I think there are several kinds but even so! As for other dandelion-like flowers . . they are almost as overwhelming as white umbelifers. I realise I'm not sure what are dandelions any more. I mean, I can tell when a dandelion is definitely the ordinary kind of dandelion but there are so many varieties I'll end up identifying all flowers by their colour alone.

Incidentally, the sow thistle in this picture is now flowering so I'll have to put up another picture of it soon. Perhaps, once it's gone to seed I'll transfer the sequence to Loose and Leafy. So glad you are enjoying Message in a Milk Bottle too.