Saturday, 3 December 2016


Man reading letter in office with files. Seen through window in pale brick building.

This is cropped from 'Flags' posted on 20th November 2016. 

And in it I'm deviating from my overall approach which is to avoid people but I doubt anyone will recognise this man except those who already know where he works. 
I like this as a picture in its own right, which is why I've put it here. But it's also because by taking photographs one comes across things (and people) one would never have noticed with eyes unaided. Photography becomes an inadvertent treasure hunt. So I'm celebrating it!


Susannah Anderson said...

"Photography becomes an inadvertent treasure hunt."

So true!

Anonymous said...

As the previous commenter said - how true!
And this particular pic makes me think it could be the inspiration for a short story (if only I had the imagination).
All the best :)

Pat Tillett said...

Nice catch! I wonder exactly what that man is doing?