Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Jaws of metal torpedo sea-creature, Weymouth, Dorset, against cloudy sky

Torpedo Creature.


Anonymous said...

I love that. I know it has to be a plant of some kind, but it does look so much like some kind of toothy creature, alligator maybe!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I assumed it WAS an ichthyosaur, rather than a plant?
Anyway, very primeval against the clouds :)

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Hello, Desesert Quilts and Squirrel Basket. No, it is a sculpture. You get a fuller view of this torpedo/Ichthyosaur in a photo from March.


You might see a strong plant connection though if you look at the agave photos on my original blog Pictures Just Pictures. (Especially the second one down.)


(Incidentally, if you do look there, ignore that it says I add pictures from here to there - I stopped doing that ages ago and had forgotten that note was there.)