Monday, 23 October 2017


Drip box cover and nettle with other plants and mosses on a narrow stone path

Adjusted to make it look as if the day and the place were clearer and brighter than they really were.

Putting more than one version of the drip box photograph on the blog may be a mistake but it's a record of the way I am currently struggling with light around my new home. In making this picture crisper in detail than when it first came out of the camera I have sadly made it flat and dull.

Hopefully the time will come when I laugh at myself and find it easy.

On the other hand, trying to take photographs of interesting things in dark corners between high walls on damp days may be the real issue!


Toffeeapple said...

You will find your happy medium soon, just keep at it. x

Walter Beckham said...


It get's easier when you can laugh! But, it is your photograph & we welcome how you present it to us, your viewer's...
I want your vision of what you saw, not what you settled for what your camera, etc. gave you!



Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Toffeeapple. I have no qualms or doubts about persisting though. It's interesting - not only dealing with the challenge of photographing in a new light but in overcoming my brain's insistence on trying to make everything look as it would look in the lighting I am familiar with. Without my camera, either I would be constantly disconcerted or constantly doing a sort of light-translation in my head without realising and, therefore, not properly seeing the world as it is.

Hello Walter. Thanks to you as well for your encouragement. I doubt I'll ever get this picture to look as I saw it. And in general . . . I've yet to decide whether I'll be able to get the right combination of reality and vision directly through the camera or whether I'll overcome my resistance to post-editing.