Thursday, 18 November 2010



James said...

Hello Lucy. I like the unique way that you show your world.

I doubt the kissing couple even noticed me taking the picture.

If they would have said something I would have said that they were blocking the scene that I was trying to photograph and I was just too polite to mention it and too impatient to wait. Besides it's almost impossible not to get into someone's picture in Paris. :)

Luis Gomez said...


JANE E KIRN said...

This is a sharp photo and an extra sharp fork! Nice and shiny. You think of creative photos to post and I look forward to checking in on you.

Chuck said...

At least it was a spork! Great shot as always Lucy.

Lucy Corrander said...

James - that photo of the couple kissing in the Paris cemetery is a really good one. I wonder if they will ever come across your blog and see themselves.

(If others would like to see what we are talking about, here is the link to James' picture.


Thanks Luis, Jane and Chuck. On the left hand side of the photo, you will see a corner of one of the white plates we ate from. This is a sign of a slight battle of priorities between me and the waiter and waitress. I was taking photos of things on the table, including a spring of red seaweed (relating to a new post I'm working on for my other blog, Loose and Leafy,


but the staff in the restaurant didn't understand that the photos were more important than the food being put precisely in front of me and a sort of nudging battle ensued with them edging the plates as far as they could into the place they'd been trained to put them and me glaring and pushing them them (the plates) back to the edge of the table.

Rita said...

Such a graphic photo. It reminded me of the time I had one one these thrown at me, and embedded in my wrist when I raised my arm to protect my face. A photo of that fork made the medical journals at the time.

Lucy Corrander said...

Gracious Rita, I expect it did! Will you say more?