Saturday, 19 February 2011



Hermes said...

A hopeful sign Lucy - though doubt if we'd see it here this morning - what a miserable day weatherwise.

ADRIAN said...

I like the texture and composition here.

fer said...

Very nice touch of spring. Is almost here

Luis Gomez said...


Carolyn ♥ said...

Beautiful! I would love to see even a touch of Spring at this point. Waiting patiently.

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Hermes. It was a pretty dull day when I took this photo - and the wall is North facing and in the shade. Yet there are seedlings!

Thanks Adrian. Every time I walk by this wall I wonder if it will be the last time I see it - it is in such a crumbling state.

Hello Fer. I'm not sure when Spring starts. I tend to think it starts for every plant separately. So for this plant (and, therefore, for me!) spring has started already.

Thanks Luis.

Hello Carolyn - at least you can be certain spring will come. (I think!)


p3chandan said...

I guess cracks in the wall is a perfect place to start for those seedlings...not long now. Spring is slowly showing her beautiful face again!

Lucy Corrander said...

p3chandon - Hello - and thanks for becoming a follower.

I must try to find out what these plants are. I've only ever noticed them in cracks in wall. They make falling-apart-places pretty because they flower for many months of the year.


Chuck said...

this looks like it could have been Humpty Dumpty's wall!

Rita said...

Lucy, your photos are fabulous. I have been catching up tonight. I have been sick and gotten so far behind.

Thanks for all the visits and your wonderful comments. I keep asking myself the same questions you did. Perhaps some day I will figure out what I am doing wrong.

Would you believe that my mother, her children and grandkids total eight-two people and i can't get a singe one of them to follow my blog.

Lucy Corrander said...

Dear Everyone - the question Rita refers to in her comment is one I asked on her blog - 'why does she not have more followers?'. People are missing out if they are not seeing her pictures.

I recommend 'Cashjocky's Photos' unreservedly. It is really worth a look. Many she shows are retrospective - which means she is able to pick excellent ones from what must be a wide and wonderful collection.

This is the link