Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Looking out from Waterstones Bookshop Cafe at the old walls of Southampton across new steps to precinct.

View from a bookshop cafe of the fortified walls of Southampton.

Incidentally . . . this is another picture where, if I were to change it for 'the better' . .  it would be to change it to 'less interesting'.

About Southampton Castle and the City Walls.


orvokki said...

Very nice view, love a lot.

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Thanks Orvokki

Toffeeapple said...

I like the difference between old and new style buildings.

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Hello Toffeeapple. I don't know why, but all your comments are landing up in spam - which accounts for delays in replying because I don't check for spam every day. I consistently mark them as 'not spam' but it still happens. Thought I'd mention it in case it's happening on other sites too. I'm not sure what can be done about it though.

The old and new walls . . . it's completely a new view. A huge change has been made to this area in central Southampton. It's been a building site for quite a while but has now been opened up into a huge and beautiful out-door space. I imagine it will either fill up with artists and tourists and performances . . . or fall into grey and littered neglect. At the moment, though, it's cheerful and pristine and shops have been able to open into it. The bookshops cafe we were in has been expanded, a window created, an outside eating area made - and a basket of blankets put by the doors so you can sit in the open air when it's chilly.