Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Ichthyosaurs with throne as driving seat - Andy Kirkby sculpture, Weymouth

What do do with a torpedo? Turn it into a Jurassic monster with a throne on! (Ichthyosaur.)

Sculpture by Andy Kirkby.
Andy Kirkby's site.


Anonymous said...

I wish they could do that with the nuclear weapons ...

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Rune. Not to have nuclear weapons is something I feel very strongly about. (And for as long as we don't know what to do with nuclear waste, I don't think we should have nuclear power stations either. Though, in a sense, that's a different kind of issue.)
As for the sculpture . . . there used to be a factory in Weymouth where torpedoes were not only manufactured but developed. It employed many people and I imagine that while I see it as something about the dismantling of weapons (rather like turning swords into ploughshares) some people here will take it as a celebration of the town's past.
Difficult! (Sometimes that's the nature of art?)
Perhaps I should see if I can find out what the artist thinks.