Thursday, 24 August 2017

Bridge over River Wharfe, Burnsall, North Yorkshire


Pat Tillett said...

Beautiful scene! The old stonework over there is really built to last.

Anonymous said...

That looks so peaceful. I'd love to sit and watch the water drift by.

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Hello Pat. I think this bridge may seem older than it is. Looking it up on the internet (again!) I find it was built originally in 1609 but after flood damage it was restored / rebuilt in 1884 (Out of Oblivion -

It's something I'm still getting used to - that in counties like Essex and Dorset (I only mention them because I'm familiar with them, other counties will be the same) . . . many buildings are older than they look, whereas moving to this part of Yorkshire, my experience so far has been that things are newer than they seem.

Of course, dating such things is awkward - do we count if from the first time it was there or from when it was put back together?

Hello Desert Quilts. My replies to comments about this picture will be a bit disillusioning. It's the kind of bridge one feels ought to be peaceful but quite a lot of traffic comes over it (the forfeit for being in a pretty place!) so one has to keep diving for the little pedestrian nooks along it to avoid being run over. Being new to this area . . . the terrain is so rugged much of it isn't accessible except to hardy walkers and even then there are boggy places and steep rock faces. This means roads and people and towns and villages are concentrated along the valleys. So you get a very busy atmosphere in a largely unoccupied landscape.