Friday, 25 August 2017


Lorry goes over bridge over road near Playhouse Theatre in Halifax

Playhouse Theatre, Halifax.
One of my favourite photos.


Pat Tillett said...

Several layers to look at in this one.
The building looks old. Historical?

Anonymous said...

Quite a contrast between the modern bright truck and the old buildings. The bridge slices it up into sections to examine. Very interesting photo. I'd like to know why it's one of YOUR favorites, though. =)

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Hello Pat. The building (The Playhouse Theatre) is a nineteenth century Methodist Chapel which was changed into a theatre in 1949. (I don't want to sound more knowledgeable than I am - I had to look it up on the internet!)

Hello Desertquilts . . . why I like this picture . . . I like the layers, it's like looking at several scenes all at the same time. I like the lines. I like the contrast between the dynamism of a fast moving, colourful lorry on the bridge and the grey silence and lack of movement in the traffic-less street below. Even the car-park is empty. It sums up something of what I experience in Halifax - some far-sighted, risk-taking people are trying to bring colour and life and the arts and new business to a town that has been somewhat in decline. The grey is being swept away.